Science Fiction

Book review: Ready Player One

If you appreciate arcade and computer games from before 2000, either from childhood or running it in an emulater, and you are looking for a fast paced trasure hunt taking place in real life and the virtul world, this book is a must read. Set in the year 2044, the internet became a synonym for a virtual reality called OASIS. You go online using haptic gloves and VR goggles to escape the unpleasent reality. OASIS consist of thousands of worlds allowing individual users to interact and live their dreams. As the owner of OASIS dies, the worldwide treasure hunt begins.
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Book review: Flowers for Algernon

Cover: Flowers for Algernon

Good news of the day: The scientists in the labs solved a live long riddle. As of today, mice which were treated with a minor surgery show exceptional mental performance in comparison with their peers. One last experiment is conducted to confirm this treatment can improve the live of those unfortunate human beings not gifted with the brain of a nobel prize winner.

Dr. Strauss got permission to take Charlie Gordon into his programm  and conduct the final experiment. To track Charlie's improvements, he is asked to write down his personal experience in regular reports.
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Book review: The Martian

Cover image: The Martian

The third manned mission to mars, Ares 3, was a success. Unfortunately the mission needs to be aborted due to severe storms on the surface. For one of the astronauts, Mark Watney, evacuation ends in a catstrophe. He is left behind and faces lonely and miserable starvation. Unwilling to surrender to the unfavorable odds, a struggle for survival begins.

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