Book review: The Martian

Cover image: The Martian

The third manned mission to mars, Ares 3, was a success. Unfortunately the mission needs to be aborted due to severe storms on the surface. For one of the astronauts, Mark Watney, evacuation ends in a catstrophe. He is left behind and faces lonely and miserable starvation. Unwilling to surrender to the unfavorable odds, a struggle for survival begins.

If you like exciting science fiction, based on facts and figures, this book is a must read. You can feel, the author invested substantially into background research to ensure the scenario and situations could well happen in the near future. Mark needs to overcome obstacles and handle serious setbacks. This includes generating badly needed water from some left over rocket propellant, improvising on hardware and dealing with a hazardous environement in general. While reading the book, only the fact, that still some pages remain, ensure Mark is not dying just yet.

You probably will be disappointed though, if you expect any analysis how being in such a situation affects your mindset and psychological stability. As mentioned above, the book focuses on how to overcome technical problems. After all, Mark is an engineer and selected by NASA to "function" properly in adverse situations.

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