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Who we are

We are Melanie and Martin and we believe in actively exploring nature. As much as we enjoy a day at the beach, lying in the sun and relaxing you are more likely to find us hiking up mountains, putting on a wetsuite for the next adventure in the ocean or hitting the road to get closer to the next destination before it gets dark. Quickly set up camp, eat some baked beans and get to bed so we can wake up early for another activity etc. You get the picture :-).  

No matter what we are doing, Martin always carries his camera and Melanie her notebook to capture the best moments. So don't forget to have a look at our pictures or read our travel reports to see where these activies can get you.

What you will find on wackenhut.ch 

The standard travel guides cover the main attractions pretty well, they won't tell you how to get the best experience for your sweat, though. Research on the internet is cumbersom. With many local enterprises trying to sell you the most simple thing as an experience of a lifetime, you have to cut through a lot of noise to find useful information. Unfortunately, most of the time you first have to visit a place to know what you are looking for ...

Realising that information for active travelling is hard to find, we decided to launch this website, share our exepience and provide useful information we gathered on our own travels.

Our goal is to provide a realistic description going beyond the high quality pictures we all know too well. We will tell you if a spot is really worth it, even if you have to share it with 500 people. We also tell you if there is a nice spot just a few kilometers further. Experience tought us: The best places on earth don't cost a fortune and putting in some extra effort can make it so much better.

In the long term, we want to develop wackenhut.ch as the main address for active nature exploration all over the world. 

How to support us

If you believe in active nature exploring and want to support us, below some suggestions:

  • Help us grow and share the articles you like on your favorite social network
  • Tell us about your favorite spot, we are far from having seen it all. Any piece of information you have at hand will help
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  • Last but not leaset: Feel free to use the donate button or buying a print of our pictures.

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