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GPG: Upgrade your keys

Did your existing gpg key pair expire or do you need to upgrade to a higher number of bits?. Just follow the short steps listed below.

Let's start with generating a new key pair:
$ gpg --gen-key

Select the following options
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Real estate calculator

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Book review: The Martian

Cover image: The Martian

The third manned mission to mars, Ares 3, was a success. Unfortunately the mission needs to be aborted due to severe storms on the surface. For one of the astronauts, Mark Watney, evacuation ends in a catstrophe. He is left behind and faces lonely and miserable starvation. Unwilling to surrender to the unfavorable odds, a struggle for survival begins.

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Real estate investment

Did you ever wonder if you should buy an appartment or house instead of renting it?

If so, you are not the first and for sure, you will not be the last one to ask this question.
In the following article I will show you how I tried to derive an answer for myself. But disclaimers first :-)
- I am not a real estate expert
- every situation is different and needs to be judged individually
- so please only take this as a rough guideance to real estate investment
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Cretan Architecture

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