October 2015

Book review: Ready Player One

If you appreciate arcade and computer games from before 2000, either from childhood or running it in an emulater, and you are looking for a fast paced trasure hunt taking place in real life and the virtul world, this book is a must read. Set in the year 2044, the internet became a synonym for a virtual reality called OASIS. You go online using haptic gloves and VR goggles to escape the unpleasent reality. OASIS consist of thousands of worlds allowing individual users to interact and live their dreams. As the owner of OASIS dies, the worldwide treasure hunt begins.
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Susten Pass

A glacier mountaineering course conducted by the German Alpin Club (DAV) is a great experience. Besides learning how to safely move in snow and ice, the course also allowed for some very nice pictures.

Enjoy the impressions from the sustenpass by clicking on the thumbnails. All pictures were created using RawTherapee, Luminance HDR and Gimp.
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