Private backup and disaster recovery: Part I, local backup

While around the year 2000, a simple manual backup onto an external harddrive was sufficient, the number of digital devices keeps increasing. For 2019, a study from Deloitte found, U.S. households own an average of 11 connected devices, including seven with screens to view content (e.g. smartphones or TVs). And yes, Apple & Co. offer nice backup services for many of these devices, but I simply don't like to give away my personal data.
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Raspberry Pi 2 as media center

Raspberry Pi 2

Did you ever aks yourself if a new TV is really necessary only because of the "smartness" it offers?
The new Raspberry Pi 2 gives a clear answer:
Buy a Pi and it provides the smartness for a fraction of the costs.

Equipped with a 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU, a Full HDMI port and a VideoCore IV 3D graphics core, the new Pi comes with enough computing power to do the job. Linux and Kodi, the Open Source Home Theater Software, unleash the smartness.
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Book review: Ready Player One

If you appreciate arcade and computer games from before 2000, either from childhood or running it in an emulater, and you are looking for a fast paced trasure hunt taking place in real life and the virtul world, this book is a must read. Set in the year 2044, the internet became a synonym for a virtual reality called OASIS. You go online using haptic gloves and VR goggles to escape the unpleasent reality. OASIS consist of thousands of worlds allowing individual users to interact and live their dreams. As the owner of OASIS dies, the worldwide treasure hunt begins.
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Susten Pass

A glacier mountaineering course conducted by the German Alpin Club (DAV) is a great experience. Besides learning how to safely move in snow and ice, the course also allowed for some very nice pictures.

Enjoy the impressions from the sustenpass by clicking on the thumbnails. All pictures were created using RawTherapee, Luminance HDR and Gimp.
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Comparison of highpass filters in GIMP and GMIC


When it comes to sharpening an image, a popular alternative to the unsharp mask is the high pass filter. To apply this method, you create the high pass version of your image in a new layer and set its blend mode to overlay. Applying a layer mask allows you to restrict sharpening to certain regions of the image.
Unfortunately gimp does not provide the high pass filter out of the box. You either need to install gmic or the high pass plugin.
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Performance of dollar cost averaging in a bear market

Dollar cost averagin (DCA) is a controlled way to participate in the stock market. Today, an easy and cost effective investment scheme using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). All you need to do is install a plan with your online broker: E.g. investing 25$ a month into an S&P ETF. As Benjamin Graham put it in "The intelligent investor": Buying stocks using cost averaging will reward you with an average market performance. No more but not less either. An important statement considering that stocks are on of the most secure investments in the long run.

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Images from Agadir and Marrakesh.
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Book review: Flowers for Algernon

Cover: Flowers for Algernon

Good news of the day: The scientists in the labs solved a live long riddle. As of today, mice which were treated with a minor surgery show exceptional mental performance in comparison with their peers. One last experiment is conducted to confirm this treatment can improve the live of those unfortunate human beings not gifted with the brain of a nobel prize winner.

Dr. Strauss got permission to take Charlie Gordon into his programm  and conduct the final experiment. To track Charlie's improvements, he is asked to write down his personal experience in regular reports.
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